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All India Helping Care foundation was established in the year 2020 during the Pandemic. Our main motive was to provide mask, sanitizer, Medicine & Food Cloths to the needy but layer on we came across that there are lot of people who need our help. Today All India Helping Care foundation work for the development of Children by providing them with shelter, Education study material, food , Women Empowerment , environment protection, life skill training, sports Activities, self defence for Girls and etc…


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Main Aims and Objectives of the Organization

Now our Motive is to protect the development of children on the streets and enlightening them for a better future and well being. The major focus of the Organization has been promotion of the education of weaker sections of the society, Food, home, cloths and also medical aid to the needy persons


To provide scholarship and educational assistance to poor, needy and deserving students.

Woman Education

To establish institutions specially to support the cause of women’s education and empowerment.

Living Space

To Building a house in which we can keep those people who neither have a house to sleep nor to build a house for them to avoid the rain or thunderstorms will give them living space and give them all the facilities.

Help Needy

To raise and promote social, cultural, educational, humanitarian standards and help in ameliorate the conditions of down trodden minorities and backward classes, also to help the destitute poor and needy.

Health Center

To build a health center where free medical and surgical assistance can be provided to the needy people so that the lives of the people can be saved.

Free Food

Serving free food to as many needy people as possible so that they never sleep hungry.

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